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Are you a trained singer who is looking to build a competitive edge in the world of performance? 

Well, YOU are in the right place!


I currently mentor singers through

Creative Career Coaching

I am currently a freelancing singer, actress, voice over artist and creative who grew up singing in choirs and belting in musicals and went on to get two music degrees. 

I know what it takes to have a career full of creative experiences, while managing the practical side of things. 

When I graduated from my degrees, each time I felt like I needed more information. 

I was missing something. 

Why didn't I know how to market myself?

Where do I sign up for auditions in the real world?

How was I supposed to use the information I learned in 19th Century Music History?

and How the heck do I file taxes as a performer with 5 jobs?

All of these questions were left unanswered...

until I found the solutions through trial and error. 

I see so many singers struggle to acclimate to the music career field. 

My advice to the singers out there:

Map out a specialized path for your future through:

Mindset & Personality Testing

Niche Branding

Intelligent Work & Life Scheduling

Exploration of Social Media

 Over the last two years I have crafted, tested and finalized my Career Coaching Course made specifically for singers who have the drive, vision and training, but don't have the full picture. 



But don't just take it from me...

A previous client, Susannah, is a singing performer

currently living in New York City,

pursuing a career in performance.

She stated that our work together, 

"filled in all the cracks in [her] professional development."















Brittany is an operatic singing actress

who currently lives in California.

She singlehandedly runs her own business as a

Disney Princess for children's events

and creates content that advocates

Operatic performance. 






Before our work together, Brittany says she would, "often would find [herself] diminishing the work that [she] put out into the world before anyone else got the opportunity to do so."

After taking the course, Brittany says she is "a lot more confident about the work I create... [and has] a lot less anxiety when working with professionals."

Jillian is a singing teacher

who lives in Austin, Texas.

She specializes in fostering a

love of music to students of all ages.

She also cultivates content online

that has brought together communities

and uplifted fellow singers

during the pandemic.  


Jillian describes in more details of her experience in the course:


"Each task is designed to help you discover yourself as a creative and move your business forward!"

"[Charissa] gives clear directions on how to build stepping stones for your success.

She joins you in battling your own limiting beliefs and to create a path of courage, motivation, strength and personal progress for the creative artist."


Sydney is a singing actress

who also performs as a lead singer

in an 80's synth pop band called Goons. 

She has built a private studio

as a multi-genre vocal instructor

in the Central Texas area.

She sums up the work perfectly!


"Confidence coaching with Charissa was one of the best strategic investments I've made for my personal development as a creative professional

I've undergone a lot of training in the realm of my artistic talents, but Charissa helped me truly challenge and dismantle many of the negative narratives that have held me back from placing value on myself as a business."







  So what does this course cover?


  • Mindful Dive

This session is a reality check on what’s really holding you back from

everything you want in your career. 


  • Brand & Marketing

In this session, we will clarify how you fit in the industry

and how to market yourself effectively. 


  • Music Interpretation

       By the end of this session,

you will have my technique for marketability across genres. 


  • Work/Life Balance Scheduling

We discuss the specific difficulties of leading a career in a creative field,

build a personal weekly work schedule for you,

and build personal time boundaries for a healthier creative career.


  • Social Media Exploration

 By the end of this session, you will have a fuller understanding of where you fit

in the social media game & how to represent yourself effectively with your press kit.


Are you ready to invest in the next steps of your career?

Because, truthfully this is an investment. 

The costs are based on the work I've put into this course, the experience I have and the numerous people that have helped me create this unique experience for singers. 

This will be an investment of your time, effort, and focus. 

Currently this course is offered at $700.00

If you are ready to make this investment,

Click the button below so we can start crafting your incredible musical future! 

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